Monday, January 28, 2008

What's in Your Heart?

This week Laurel and I tackled decorating these small heart boxes.

My theme was about patterns in not only fabric, but also in religion culture and ultimately people. Patterns repeat and resonate throughout our world.

Laurel wrote about her deocrated heart: "What do I hold dear, what is in my heart? I love nature, Mother Nature, my garden and the various aspects of it. I love the idea of sitting on a bench in the garden enjoying all that is there including birds, bees, fairies, and trees. Animals representsv arious things to me, the bee represents woman, scientifically unable to fly but doing it anyway, pollinating the world. The butterfly represents transformation. Lastly my dream is for a healthy green world, people planting things and caring for them, no more global warming, recycling happening in many places by creative people to make new things. People creating new, inventive homes that use green principles and materials. The convergence of intelligence, compassion, and craftsmanship. "

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