Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heather Meets Artist Leigh McCloskey

My art mentor, Susan Manders, arranged an exclusive tour to Leigh McCloskey's home and amazing art studio. In Malibu, it overlooks the Pacific Ocean; however, the wonderful view and lush gardens are quickly dulled as you step into Leigh's art studio. His vision of the universe and life's important questions have been painted on almost every surface, including the bindings of the books on the shelves.

Leigh and Heather

Susan Manders on the steps up to the Studio.
Pictures can hardly capture how awe-inspiring his body of work is. As he talks about where he started on painting the once ugly linoleum floor, you are blown away by the depth of his knowledge of religion, science, art, philosophy and beyond.

Below is Sophia. She is painted onto the cabinet and if you open the cupboard the exploration of your soul continues. Leigh explains that it is not "self-discovery" but "shelf-discovery" and you want to get to the top shelf.

Below is a piece of Eve. She is painted on a free-standing pillar in the middle of the room. You can see the intricate detail of the form leading the the whole piece in this picture. He said that the thin lines were drawn with a quill.

Yes, even the couch is painted - on every surface.

Leigh talks about where he started working on the floor.

Leigh in front of Phoenix Arise talking to his enchanted audience.

The ceiling.

The Heron on the Chair.
Despite the early morning rain, it was the perfect day to drive to Malibu. I drove through Las Virgenes Canyon, which thanks to the rain was very green and lush. It was very blustery and the waves were crashing into the coast. Truly a breath-taking day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creative Souls Whimsy

The theme of this month's Creative Souls Workshop was "All the World's a Stage." Each participant was given a "character" with a head, arms, legs and an odd "body" piece. They all created truly wonderfully whimsical characters.

Judi (Front)

Judi (Back)


Laurel (Front)

Laurel (Back)

Liane (Front)

Liane (Back)