Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heather Meets Acclaimed Photographer Ed Martin

On Sunday, May 2, I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Martin. He is an AMAZING photographer and increadible artist with a lifetime of experiences to feed his creativity.

Ed Martin & Heather Morrow

Susan Mander's Art Tour Experience began with Ed walking us through his compound filled with huge sculptures he welded together years ago.

We are blessed and cursed by the digital age and Ed has had to quickly adapt to the digital age as the film and photo paper manufacturers are no longer producing the supplies he needs in order to create his brilliant works of art.

Ed explains how he used to use an enlarger to create his photographs.

He would take found objects and arrange them in the enlarger - giving the illusion when printed that they were suspended in mid-air. He also used flowers and suspended them in oil to create a completely different effect. Using this process, he has captured the internal life of a flower.

One of his earlier works.

Ed now using a scanner to create his art.

Recently, Ed has started taking pictures of famous people in a fun-house mirror in the back of his studio. I was honored that he assisted me with photographing myself in the mirror and in the process captured both of us in quite a bizarre moment in time.

We were then led through his house by his delightful wife, Sandy. She pointed out all of Ed's work and his extensive collection of other artist's works.

Their lovely home sits on Mulholland Drive above Universal City and overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

I took a lot of photos of Ed's home, work and studio. If you'd like to see more, please click here.

My favorite sculptural piece was the two old wheel chairs overlooking the valley.

Susan Manders is planning another art tour in the late summer I encourage you to sign-up for her mailing list to find out when the next one will be. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Creative Souls Art Workshop - Guardian Angels

On Saturday, May 2 at Heart & Soul Healing Art Center in Pasadena, we (finger) painted our Guardian Angels. There were brushes available to those who did not want to completely reconnect with their inner child.

We walked through a visualization exercise while listening to a recording of the Benedictine Monks chanting played in the background.

Looking at these paintings, you can quickly see why angels have been depicted in many forms throughout the history of art.

Vicki's Guardian Angel

Joanne's Guardian Angel

Simone's Guardian Angel
Happy Birthday, Simone! Hope it was a splendid day.

Jeanne's Guardian Angel

Heather's Guardian Angel
The next Creative Souls Art Workshop is June 6, 2009 from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. We will be creating Altered Books.