Sunday, May 4, 2008

Creative Souls Workshop at Heart & Soul

This past Saturday at Heart & Soul Healing Art Center in Pasadena, the Creative Souls Workshop made crowns from lace and other found objects.

Everyone started with a chicken wire base and used wire cutters to create the shape of their crown. You can see how each crown reflects is as unique as the person who created it.

#1 -- Veronica
#2 -- Donna
#3 -- Marie
#4 -- Heather

Most of the lace and jewelry was found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Next month, Saturday, June 7, we will be putting together a family tree. Hope to see you there.

Most Recent Painting

With moving this past year, painting has gotten pushed a bit to the side. However, last fall, after my friend David Cammack passed away from Liver Cancer and I knew I had to paint this landscape.
Only a year earlier, David had returned excited from a trip with his partner to Canada. He shared his pictures of his partner's family home. We talked about how the one photo would make a great painting. He was hoping to paint himself, but the chemo treatments and cancer did not allow him to do so.

I only hope I captured what David imagined "A Different Life" would be.
"A Different Life"
Oil on Canvas
30" x 24"

Recently Completed Pottery

As I have mentioned in prior posts - a piece of pottery (with my schedule), takes approximately 5 weeks from throwing on the wheel to it coming out of the final firing. These are a few pieces that have come out of the process more recently.

#1 -- Matt Black/Korean Blue Genie Bottle
#2 -- Matt Black/Rutile Pink Genie Bottle
#3 -- Pete's Celadon with Turquoise Ink in Crackle Genie Bottle
#4 -- Pete's Celadon Pitcher
#5 -- Matt Black/Turquoise Vase
#6 -- Kei Ito Red/ Blue Gloss Lidded Jar