Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rit-z-Spritz Workshop

Simone & Vicki attended the Rit-z-Spritz Workshop on Saturday, July 11. We used Rit fabric dye, fabric markers and paper stencils (cut out on my Silhouette SD - LOVE IT!) to fill a 6 page canvas book. The stenciled designs were then embellished with buttons and glitter glue. We were limited to two hours, but I think all of us could have spent the day embellishing these delightful books.

Despite the heat, we stayed cool under the fig tree in the backyard of Heart & Soul Healing Art Center.

Simone planning her design.
Simone #1

Simone #2 & #3

Simone #4 & #5

Simone #6
Vicki created her book with her 1 year old granddaughter in mind.

Vicki #1

Vicki #2 & #3

Vicki #4 & #5

Vicki #6
I started on page #5 before the class to show the different techniques, so it does not really match the others.
Heather #1

Heather #2 & #3

Heather #4 & #5

Heather #6
Don't miss the Saturday, August 1 class, we will be painting a flower on metal. Remember all the supplies are provided when you take a Creative Souls class.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Creative Scottie Souls

Just got back from the Scottie Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio where I led a Scottie Scrapbooking class. There were 50 people in the session and they created some amazing pages.