Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Fond Farewell - My Last Sakura Design Team Project

Wow! How fast 6 months can pass. I have been very honored to be a part of the Sakura Design Team. Sakura Craft is creating quality products that can really help every type of crafter.

I really loved working with the 3D Crystal Lacquer and know it will remain a staple in my crafting kit along with all of the jewelry findings and glass tiles.

My favorite projects were:

For this week I have created two pendants.

The first, is a piece I'd started almost at the beginning. I had stamped a round silver finding with a butterfly. This week I covered it with Glitter Pink Crystal Lacquer - adding an extra dimension and shine.

Below, I used an "deep dish" Zinc Oval Pendant. I cut out the background from a sheet of Steampunk images and covered it with a thick layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. Once it had dried, I placed a metal cog centered around the clock face in the image. Another thin layer of crystal lacquer was applied. You can still feel the texture of the cog.

Thank you for all the fabulous feedback you all have provided in this creative journey.

Keep on feeding your Creative Soul!
~Heather Morrow

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper Necklace (Design Team Submission)

For this project, I used a tag from the Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Collection. To protect the back of the paper, I used Sakura Craft 3D Crystal Lacquer to glue the image to a piece of plastic from a clam shell packaging. I cut around the plastic once the glue was dry and repunched the hole.

I then covered the front of the image in a thick layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. The cool thing about this product is how well it stays in place. Again, it had to dry - I recommend overnight.

I looped black cord through the tag and created slip knots, so that it can be easily adjusted.

Of course, I wouldn't recommend taking this piece in the shower - actually, I don't recommend it for any jewelry; however, it will hold up to normal wear and tear of being used as a unique accessory.

For more fun, creative projects using the 3D Crystal Lacquer, check out the Crystal Lacquer Blog.

Keep on creating!

Heather Morrow
Creative Souls

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Create Quick and Easy Wall Art

Supplies needed:
4x4 piece of glass or plexi-glass
Gold Flower Stickers from Sparkraft Enterprises
2 Tim Holtz Clips
Matching Chain

This piece of glass was out of a picture frame that was used for another project. The glass had been floating around my desk for several weeks and I didn't want to just toss it, so I decided to use it to create a quick piece of wall art.

Clean your glass or plexi-glass before placing the flower stickers. I used Gold Metallic 3D Crystal Lacquer for the center of each flowers. The large flower petals are Lilac Pearl 3D Crystal Lacquer and the smaller flowers are Glitter Red (which looks pink to me).

I let the Crystal Lacquer dry overnight, attached the chain to the clips and then the clips to the glass. Hang it on the wall or in a window.

Have fun creating!

Heather Morrow
Creative Souls

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks for the Bottle Caps

I love when inspiration arrives via USPS. My sister, Noel, follows my posts on the Crystal Lacquer Blog and thought I might be able to use 7 Fitz's Premium Root Beer bottle caps.

Yummy, this project was bit like eating good candy. I couldn't stop at just one bottle cap.

What is nice about the Fitz's bottle caps is that they are a twist off, so the shape is not distorted.

Several pieces of inspiration were found at Zinnia in South Pasadena, including this old broach. I used an Exact-O knife to remove the remaining faux diamonds. Be VERY careful doing this as I nicked my finger and don't recommend the experience.

You begin to see where I am going, when the bottle cap fits perfectly within the broach setting.

The picture below is not in focus; however, I wanted to show what the Pearl Color 3D Crystal Lacquer looked like dropped into each individual slot.

In the bottle cap itself, I used an image left over from my last "Film Noir" project. I covered the image with Yellow 3D Crystal Color Lacquer - Glitter Primary to give it a little sparkle. Once everything was dry (give it time to dry!), I glued the pieces together and applied a pin back.

As I mentioned above, I could not stop at 1 bottle cap. I had all sorts of "found" objects and 3D Color Crystal Lacquer to play with.

A cool looking bead set into Glitter Violet 3D Crystal Color Lacquer.

Blue 3D Crystal Lacquer with Metallic Blue swirled in. Dolphin pieces were applied after the blue swirl layer dried.

The small fancy glass piece was left over from a prior project and had been stamped with the butterfly image. Not that you can tell from the image, but a layer of Pearl 3D Crystal Lacquer was applied underneath. Then the glass piece, followed by the small square frame on top.

Glitter Yellow 3D Crystal Color Lacquer and small plastic flower placed after first layer dried.

Ready for Halloween? Orange Glitter Primary & black spider. Creepy!

Below is my absolute favorite piece . . . of all the bottle caps.

The image inside the cap is from Bottle Cap Images - Vintage Edition. Covered with a layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. I attached the crown using glue and used a bail at the bottom to add the pearl drop. All of the bails used for this project were from Sakura Craft.

Keep on feeding your Creative Soul!
~Heather Morrow

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Film Noir Magnet Box

I was very excited when these thin metal boxes arrived from Sakura Craft. Approximately 5" x 6" by 1/2" deep. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do. In the back of my mind, I'd had thoughts of a puzzle - where you move the pieces around to create a picture.

I started playing with the Graphic 45 Curtain Call Borders and some found objects . . .

An idea was slowly starting to take hold . . . the paper reminded me of Film Noir, the name given to Black & White films created from the early 40s with big stars and melodramatic stories.

And, yet, I still had the idea of a puzzle to form a picture . . . inside the box. 24 Scrabble Tiles

I had picked the tiles randomly out of a bin at Zinnia's in South Pasadena. Maybe I had a word . . . .

I obviously needed to do a little research on Film Noir, as I was spelling it incorrectly. No Spell Check on Scrabble tiles. The box cover was starting to come together . . .

Now for the tiles, rather than one big image, I decided to combine a bunch of small images from the Curtain Call border paper. I adhered the images to the Scrabble tiles using the 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Although not pictured here, I trimmed off the edges on each tile and then applied 3D Crystal Lacquer on top of each.

I painted the inside of the box black, to really make the images on the tiles pop!

I then was trying to figure how to secure the tiles into the box in a neat and orderly fashion. I also wanted to be able to move the images around, finally something clicked and I pulled out these small button magnets.

Now I could rearrange the images to my heart's content, kind of like the puzzle I was after.

On the inside of the lid, I applied another image and covered it with 3D Crystal Lacquer. Once again, I was too impatient with giving the lacquer time to dry and I closed the lid too soon and there was a glue mishap. Give your 3D Crystal Lacquer plenty of time to dry, especially if it is a thick layer.

Once the inside was complete, I moved back to the outside to add the elements decided on, earlier in the process.

I realized that I would also have to paint the lid black, to get the same effect as on the inside of the metal box.

And, now Noir is spelled correctly. These Scrabble tiles were also glued to magnets.

This project took a lot of time (waiting for paint and glue to dry); however, I was very pleased with my results. I loved the Curtain Call paper from Graphic 45 and it was a fun way to put it to use.

Keep on feeding your Creative Soul!
~Heather Morrow

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sakura Blog Hop - A Tell-Tale Heart (Altered Book)

Welcome, I thought I would share an Edgar Allen Poe's A Tell-Tale Heart story with you. Here's the abridged version:

A man with a glass eye is murdered by someone claiming to be completely sane. The body parts are stored under the floor boards of his room. When the police come to investigate, they are invited to check the entire house and then entertained in the same room. The murder finally confesses to the crime because he/she is sure that the beating heart beneath the floor boards is heard by all.

I was selected to participate in the Art on Millionaire's Row Salon Art show at the Atladena Library earlier this month and given the opportunity to create an art book that would be sold to raise funds.

The best part of being selected was going to find the book to alter from the donated stacks beneath the building. A book from Poe collection practically jumped off the shelf at me. I knew at that moment that A Tell-Tale Heart was going to be my theme.

Once I got over my fear of the book police coming to get me for destroying something published over 100 years ago (I know, they still might show up at my door), I used crystal lacquer to glue all of the pages in the center of the book together. The story was at the end, leaving me plenty of space to hide a beating heart!
I started to use the crystal lacquer on each page, but quickly realized this would be A LOT of work. I then took binder clips to hold the pages together and generously applied the crystal lacquer to the edges. It dried overnight.

Although the book was not in the best of condition, I used the Zutter to rough up the binding even more. The chipboard Cogs from ScrapFx were painted with gold Luminere by Jacquard and then distressed. I used a gold leafing pen to go over the original wording on the cover - it was a weathered gray like in the design around the raven. Also the gold leafing was applied over the crystal lacquer holding the pages together. The buttons and ribbon worked great to secure the book when closed.

The red glimmer mist was applied towards the end, to give the illusion of blood.

Inside cover, a picture of Poe printed on photo paper and then painted with Metalic Acrylic paint from Jacquard and then sanded down.

I wanted an audio portion to the piece, so I purchased one of those cards you can record a message onto and then recorded a heart-beat. I hid the mechanism between several pages at the front of the book, so when it is opened to the title page, you hear the heart beat - escalating in volume and pace.

Another picture of Poe, splattered with blood. The Table of Contents was distressed.

Turning to the story, you discover that there is a heart on every other page and beneath the story is . . . the beating heart.

It took a while to cut out the, literal, heart of the book. I used an exact-o knife, taking out several pages at a time. I then applied a variety of colors of distressing ink to not only the cut-out portion, but also to the pages of the story. It created that cool heart pattern on every other page.

The heart was created using Soft Clay from ClayCraft. It is a soft, light weight durable air-dry clay. The cogs were applied before the clay dried. The computer hard-drive reader was a found object that seemed to fit perfectly with the illusion of the beating heart.

I had a lot of fun with this project. Please click on the link below to view my video showing the completed project.

Thanks for visiting!
Heather Morrow

P.S. Don't forget that you are blog hopping . . . next is Carole Lassake. If you missed anyone, or are completely lost - the entire blog hop list is below.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Colorful Glass Pendants

I really enjoy working with the glass tiles from Sakura Craft. For this project, I recycled some painted photo paper and applied flower stickers from Sparkraft Enterprise.

It is a little hard to tell, but I did fill the middle of each flower and petals with the colored 3D Crystal Color Lacquer from the Glitter primary line.

The photo paper was painted with Lumiere by Jacquard. The word "soul" in the third pendant had been printed on the photo paper using my Photosmart printer.

I was not very patient when I glued the paper to the glass with the 3D Crystal Lacquer and you can see that some air bubbles did form at the top. You want to make sure you apply even pressure to the glass as it is drying, to avoid air pockets.

The paper was initially larger than the glass piece. I glued the piece down and once it was dried, trimmed very close the the glass.

I used wasabi paper on the back of the glass pendant with a coat of 3D Crystal Lacquer. The bails and chain are also from Sakura Craft. The bail attached with 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Keep on creating!

Heather Morrow
Creative Souls

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mary Queen of Scots (Pendant)

This month from Sakura Craft, we got to play with these cool deep dish pendants. It's about 1/4" deep. I couldn't wait to layer "found objects" in . . .

This image, that reminded me of Mary Queen of Scots in her younger years - standing on the cliffs of Scotland, is from the ART-C Vintage Ladies collection. My mom had sent me these random charms. So, I played around with crowning my queen.

Cutting to fit the image in the pendant was a bit of a challenge, I ended up taking a bit too much off the top; however, you really cannot tell in the final result After using Crystal Lacquer to glue the image down, I covered it with a layer of additional lacquer.

After drying 24 hours, I put in the fleur de lis and the crown and poured in more crystal lacquer to cover the fleur de lis and leave the crown exposed.

When I was removing the crown charm from the original chain, the piece on top broke off, so it felt a bit incomplete. The star on the top is actually a bail, upside down. Again, I used more crystal lacquer to keep it in place.

The funky legs in the original plan didn't get included; I felt they really weren't necessary to complete the piece. It was then put onto a ball-and-chain necklace.

Have fun creating!
Heather Morrow

P.S. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the live you've imagined." -Thoreau

Friday, June 3, 2011

Creative Souls Retreat

Karen Myers from Kat Scrap Studio and I are hosting a Creative Souls Retreat at the Pali Mountain Camp Site in the San Bernardino Mountains the weekend of September 9. This civilized camping includes cabins that are a higher caliber than Motel 6, so I think I will survive.

In putting together this retreat, Karen and I wanted to create an environment where our guests could explore their own creativity in a safe setting far away from the interruptions of daily life. We know how it is when you get a great idea for a project (scrapbook, painting, etc.) and then you get interrupted before you can put it all together. We've been there and have plenty of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) to show for it.

To learn more about the retreat, click here. There is a fun video, so even if you are not interested in the retreat, I recommend checking out the video.

We've got a lot of cool workshops and demo-nars planned, so even if you are feeling a bit disconnected from your own Creative Soul, we promise you won't feel the same way when you return from the Retreat.

The early bird pricing on the Creative Souls Retreat is only being offered until June 17, and also if you are one of the first 35 registered, you will be entered in a special drawing. See the website for more details.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keeping It Simple

This week, I kept things very simple; however, I have included a bonus project.

I had very few pieces of the Sakura Glass Tiles left; however, I wanted to try stamping on the back of one. I used this small butterfly stamp and StazOn Ink. It was a bit of a challenge to photograph.
I liked how the piece looked against this light pink background (almost translucent), so I glued it down using the 3D Crystal Lacquer. I glued it first and then cut around the edges after it had dried.

To turn it into a pendant, I used the Crystal Lacquer to attach this darling Heart Bail. I also covered the back with a thick layer of the Crystal Lacquer - to protect the paper from future damage. The ball chain is also from Sakura Craft.

And that's it! Pretty simple. And here is your bonus item.

Several weeks ago when we were playing with the round jewelry findings, I filled one with the Red Crystal Lacquer. Once it dried, I stamped on top of it and then filled the finding with a thick layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I was trying to fit this round piece in something else and it wouldn't fit. When I was sorting through stuff for my garage sale, I found this key and knew it would be the perfect match.

I have strung it on a waxed cord and added a small decorative bead at the top.

Keep on exploring your own Creative Soul.

Heather Morrow

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clowning Around, Part Duex

Okay, I'll admit that I am a bit enamored with the Graphic 45 Le Cirque Collection; however, when I started the project - I intended for it to be more of a sliding puzzle - where you move the boxes around to create or jumble up an image. I had been sent these glass tiles along with jewelry findings to create my latest Design Team project from Sakura Craft.

I was on the hunt for a small box and found this in my basket of scraps. It was packaging from some sort of device - I don't remember, but now I had a box and the tiles puzzle idea was evolving as I started thinking outside the box in order to create "Controlled Mayhem to Dazzle & Delight."

I started by covering the box in the LeCirque Collection paper. I tried to match up images where I could, as I turned the corners. To glue the pieces down to the box, I used Clear 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I then used the 3D Crystal Lacquer to glue the different sizes of glass tiles to the tag images.

After the Crystal Lacquer had dried, I used trimming scissors to cut closely around the edges of the tiles.
Then the fun part -- creating a layout in the box that told a story. I placed everything in position before I began gluing the pieces or using pop-dots to secure them to the box.

The final product hanging on my dining room wall. The tag hanging on the ring was a last minute whimsical addition.

I really enjoyed putting this project together --as it continued to evolve from what I had originally envisioned. The glass tiles are very easy to work with; however, if you get too much 3D Crystal Lacquer on the tile, it can slide off your image. Less is definitely more in this case.

Have fun creating!