Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Ornaments

It was a little damp today for the Creative Souls Holiday Ornament Workshop. We were warm and toasty inside Heart & Soul creating memories for our trees and lots of gift tags (using the Revolution die cut machine).

We started with plain glass balls and wrapped copper tape around it to create sections. We then colored in the sections with an alcohol based ink that can be applied to glass.
The second ornament was a black ceramic heart that was decorated by sponging on translucent glimmer paints.

The last ornament was something I created while the others worked on their gift tags. I applied translucent glimmer paints to a clear glass ball.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goddess Within

Here are the photos from the "Goddess Within" Creative Souls Art Workshop on Saturday, September 5 at Heart & Soul Healing Art Center in Pasadena.

We started by drawing Goddess cards and sharing what the card meant to us. Soon all you could hear was the relaxing music and birds chirping as everyone reconnected with their creative soul and began transforming the 11" mannequins into unique works of art.

Dale, Laura and Devinna

Joanne, Allison, Dale, Laura, Devinna and Adriana

Janice, Christyn and Joanne

Dale's Goddess

Allison's Goddess

Janice's Goddess

Christyn's Goddess

Laura's Goddess

Joanne's Goddess

Back of Joanne's Goddess

Adriana's Goddess

Devinna's Goddess

Heather's Goddess

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flower Power Painting Art Workshop

Saturday, August 1 was the Flower Power Painting on Metal Art Workshop.

Simone (pictured below) had a moment of creative inspiration and changed her painting to Tree Power.

We used cut-outs from my QuicKutz Silhouette machine to help us create the shapes and scructure for the paintings.

Simone planning her tree (above), compeleted (below)

Heather's Flower Power (below)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rit-z-Spritz Workshop

Simone & Vicki attended the Rit-z-Spritz Workshop on Saturday, July 11. We used Rit fabric dye, fabric markers and paper stencils (cut out on my Silhouette SD - LOVE IT!) to fill a 6 page canvas book. The stenciled designs were then embellished with buttons and glitter glue. We were limited to two hours, but I think all of us could have spent the day embellishing these delightful books.

Despite the heat, we stayed cool under the fig tree in the backyard of Heart & Soul Healing Art Center.

Simone planning her design.
Simone #1

Simone #2 & #3

Simone #4 & #5

Simone #6
Vicki created her book with her 1 year old granddaughter in mind.

Vicki #1

Vicki #2 & #3

Vicki #4 & #5

Vicki #6
I started on page #5 before the class to show the different techniques, so it does not really match the others.
Heather #1

Heather #2 & #3

Heather #4 & #5

Heather #6
Don't miss the Saturday, August 1 class, we will be painting a flower on metal. Remember all the supplies are provided when you take a Creative Souls class.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Creative Scottie Souls

Just got back from the Scottie Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio where I led a Scottie Scrapbooking class. There were 50 people in the session and they created some amazing pages.