Sunday, November 2, 2008

Creative Souls Workshop - Spirit Houses

Yesterday in the Creative Souls Workshop at Heart & Soul, we created Spirit Houses. This idea came from a ceramic artist I met many years ago. He was selling Spirit Houses that would welcome in the souls that came for a visit.

I've been looking for a way to recreate the concept (not using clay) and I finally came up with the idea of using chip board (heavy cardboard) and decorating the house with paper and other embellishments. I used a ginger-bread house pattern to cut out each house. They were pre-assembled for the workshop, so we could spend the time on creative part of decorating the house.

Each is Spirit House is a unique work of art, inspired by the artist's own vision.

Vicki had an idea of using twigs and moss (which she brought to share), but she ended up working with the papers and embellishments provided to create a little house with siding (see below). Her sign above the door says "Dream".

Joanne used all sorts of papers to create a colorful house. Both she and I capitalized on Vicki's idea of using the moss. We used small mirrors to represent windows.

I started using the dark rose paper on the roof - completely intrigued by the rich color. My little sign says "Believe".

There are additional Spirit House kits available for $15.00. If you are interested, please contact me directly at
The next Creative Souls Workshop at Heart & Soul is December 13, 2008. We will be making Christmas Ornaments. It is sure to be a lot of fun.