Monday, January 28, 2008

Creative Souls Moves to Heart & Soul

When I first invited my friends over to paint with me in the back yard, I had no idea that Creative Souls would be born and that there would be so much interest in spending Saturday mornings creative works of art.

On Saturday, March 1, 2008, Creative Souls will move from my dining room table to Heart & Soul Healing Art Center in Pasadena.

The theme is "Spring Awakening." The medium has yet to be determined, but it is sure to be an extremely creative session as more can join us on this wonderful journey into the artist's soul.

Hope to see you there!

What's in Your Heart?

This week Laurel and I tackled decorating these small heart boxes.

My theme was about patterns in not only fabric, but also in religion culture and ultimately people. Patterns repeat and resonate throughout our world.

Laurel wrote about her deocrated heart: "What do I hold dear, what is in my heart? I love nature, Mother Nature, my garden and the various aspects of it. I love the idea of sitting on a bench in the garden enjoying all that is there including birds, bees, fairies, and trees. Animals representsv arious things to me, the bee represents woman, scientifically unable to fly but doing it anyway, pollinating the world. The butterfly represents transformation. Lastly my dream is for a healthy green world, people planting things and caring for them, no more global warming, recycling happening in many places by creative people to make new things. People creating new, inventive homes that use green principles and materials. The convergence of intelligence, compassion, and craftsmanship. "

ATC Cards with Laurel

Laurel has been coming on Saturday morning as regularly as I could schedule with my house and life under construction.

We started out with oil painting in my wonderful back yard, but with the winter upon us (even in Los Angeles), we have had to move our creative endeavors indoors.

On Saturday, January 5th we each created 3 Artist Trading Cards to trade with each other and our friend Marie. We were very ambitious and even decorated the back sides of each card.

Laurel brought fabrics and used her experience as a quilter to create her cards. Both Laurel and I were challenged by this small format, but I think we rose to the occasion.

Throwing Clay with JJ & John

I have been throwing clay on a wheel for 2 years now. Recently I started selling my pieces at pottery and art shows.

Over New Year's weekend, my friends JJ & John came to town and I was very excited when they were interested in learning how to throw.

Below are their finished pieces. The first few, I helped them center their clay and create their piece. The last pieces, I did not touch their clay and they are far more creative than anything I could have guided them to create.
As they were only in town for the weekend, I had to trim (create the bottom) and glaze their pieces for them.

I think they might try this creative endeavor again as they both seemed to naturally connect to the clay and the wheel. All of the pieces are Nara Porcelain.

I thank them for providing me the teaching experience. It reinforced my skills and will ultimately make me a better potter.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Discovering Your Creative Soul

Let’s start by talking about creativity and what my definition of creative is. Creativity is the act of making something new. We all, by definition are creative as our bodies are constantly creating new cells.

When I think something is creative, it is a judgment call. It usually comes out of my internal thought of . . . “I wish I’d thought of that.”

I know that when people tell me that I am so creative, what they are really saying is I wish I could do that.

And why can’t you? Keep in mind that some of the greatest artist of all time have copied each other’s works; sometimes rather blatantly. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

This is the point where you tell me that you can’t draw or paint and I’m here to tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to. I’ve seen some amazing works of art that were nothing more than torn paper and glue.

So, the next time you think something is creative, steal the idea and make it your own. The act of making it your own will happen without you even trying because you are unique and your soul will shine through. As you begin to explore your “creative” soul, you will discover that you will have your own creative ideas and will attract others to you that are just as creative.

You will also discover that you can create more than something just beautiful to look at; you can create your life as you are creativity personified.