Monday, January 28, 2008

Throwing Clay with JJ & John

I have been throwing clay on a wheel for 2 years now. Recently I started selling my pieces at pottery and art shows.

Over New Year's weekend, my friends JJ & John came to town and I was very excited when they were interested in learning how to throw.

Below are their finished pieces. The first few, I helped them center their clay and create their piece. The last pieces, I did not touch their clay and they are far more creative than anything I could have guided them to create.
As they were only in town for the weekend, I had to trim (create the bottom) and glaze their pieces for them.

I think they might try this creative endeavor again as they both seemed to naturally connect to the clay and the wheel. All of the pieces are Nara Porcelain.

I thank them for providing me the teaching experience. It reinforced my skills and will ultimately make me a better potter.

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