Sunday, June 26, 2011

Colorful Glass Pendants

I really enjoy working with the glass tiles from Sakura Craft. For this project, I recycled some painted photo paper and applied flower stickers from Sparkraft Enterprise.

It is a little hard to tell, but I did fill the middle of each flower and petals with the colored 3D Crystal Color Lacquer from the Glitter primary line.

The photo paper was painted with Lumiere by Jacquard. The word "soul" in the third pendant had been printed on the photo paper using my Photosmart printer.

I was not very patient when I glued the paper to the glass with the 3D Crystal Lacquer and you can see that some air bubbles did form at the top. You want to make sure you apply even pressure to the glass as it is drying, to avoid air pockets.

The paper was initially larger than the glass piece. I glued the piece down and once it was dried, trimmed very close the the glass.

I used wasabi paper on the back of the glass pendant with a coat of 3D Crystal Lacquer. The bails and chain are also from Sakura Craft. The bail attached with 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Keep on creating!

Heather Morrow
Creative Souls

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Becky Conley said...

very nice nook! great altered book.